Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, including email marketing and influencer / blogger partnerships, is a powerful way to grow your business. With significant expertise and a depth of knowledge in this area, we can create an effective digital marketing strategy aligned to your unique business goals.

Get in touch to discuss a digital marketing plan and online strategy to grow your business.

Email Marketing

Your company contacts database is a valuable asset and should be utilised consistently and strategically to drive results for your business. Through email marketing we will leverage your existing network to drive sales, promotions and maintain a positive connection with your customer base, keeping you top of mind.

Attracting new customers can cost your company five times more than keeping an existing customer, so digital marketing is vital!

Our email marketing service includes:

  • Regular eDM (electronic direct mail) to your database
  • Content copywriting and design
  • Working alongside you to create promotional initiatives
  • Database management

Influencer and Blogger Partnerships

Leveraging the engaged community, established network and trusted profile of influencers can be a brilliant strategy for promoting your product or service in a credible and organic way.

As a respected influencer herself, Lauren has extensive knowledge, global connections and expertise in this area and can assist with developing a tailored strategy for you.